Is your skin looking tired and lacklustre?

Not sure how to fix it?

Skin Consultations

Feel Like You have Tried Everything and Not Sure Where to Start?

Do you feel overwhelmed? Don’t know what products to buy your skin? Tired of trying to work out what is the best product for you and not seeing any results? 

Well, there is a solution: Have a skin consultation.

Here's What You can Expect with Our Skin Consultations

A skin consultation is a 40-minute process that is like a roadmap to give you more clarity about:

  1. How your skin works
  2. What your skin needs
  3. What treatments suit you

What our clients are saying...

"Another amazing treatment for my skin. I've been a client for 4 years. Ana has taught me about the correct care for my aging skin. I've noticed the difference as has a friend who I only see every couple of years. She asked me if I had "work done" I told her I have the right products to rehydrate and care for my skin and the treatments I have done enhance my skin condition. I highly recommend coming to see Ana. Book in a skin consult. She will tell you the honest truth about what you need to do but no pressure. What you want to do is your choice. I wish I had this advice in my 20's. Can't care for yourself early enough."

Our Process

In our skin consultations the first thing we will do is cleanse your skin. Then we take six photos and have a look at your skin on the deeper level.

This in-depth look at your skin will give you a better understanding of your concerns.

We can see if your skin is dry, oily, inflamed or sun-damaged.

This way we can focus in on what products your skin needs and what treatments are going to give you the best results.

Let's Get Started

Give us a call at the salon and book in your 40-minute skin consultation to start your skin journey with us.