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Diamond Medi Spa provides a full range of leading hair removal treatments.


We provide a complete range of Hair Removal solutions with a no obligation, free consultation for IPL treatments. Please enquire with one of our friendly team members to tailor your appointment to your needs.

You can only book a Complimentary Consultation for this Service.

A $50 Fully Refundable Deposit is needed to secure the therapist time, to see if you qualify for this treatment.

What are Skin Tags?

A common skin growth in which a short, narrow stalk sticks out.


Hair and Skin Tag Removal

If you have extra or unwanted hair or skin tags, electrolysis can provide hair and skin tag removal.

It’s safe to use on the face, underarms, neck and on the rest of the body. During your sessions, a trained electrologist removes the hair or skin tag with an electric current. The procedure is not painful, has no long-lasting side effects, and is a permanent treatment.

Electroloysis can permanently remove hair from many parts of your face and body. The most common locations that women choose for electrolysis are the upper lip and chin.


Strip Wax / Hot Wax

Complete range of services available.

We wax men as well.


Looking for a natural and gentle way to remove hair with minimal pain? Look no further than our expertly crafted hair removal solutions. Harness the power of nature to deliver long-lasting results with minimal discomfort. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and try our gentle sugaring hair removal option today!