Is your skin looking tired and lacklustre?

Look 5 years younger with Radiant Healthy Skin

DMK Enzyme Therapy

Feel Like You have Tried Everything and Not Sure Where to Start?

We know how frustrating and disappointing this can be. We’ve been helping hundreds of women get their glow back using our secret anti-ageing weapon – DMK Enzyme Therapy.

Here at Diamond Medi Spa (DMS) we specialise in delivering tailored skin solutions to effectively treat Dull, Tired & Stressed Skin to become healthy, radiant and glowing again!

Here's What You can Expect with the DMK Enzyme Therapy:

What our clients are saying...

"I was a bit sceptical at first because i have never seen any results before from any other products or Services I have used in the past. From my previous experience all i felt was that the Therapist was just trying to sell me products, and Not focusing on What My Problem Was! I have spent so much money in the past, and haven't seen any Results!"
"I have seen so much difference in my Skin and my overall appearance. Before my skin was dull, uneven, and there was No glow. I also had small scaring when i had acne, from when i was young. Now my skin texture is even, smooth, Hydrated and much brighter."

Secret Anti-ageing Weapon for 40 Years...

DMK believes that the origin of the skin of most skin conditions is a result of disharmony within the skin.

DMK uses the principles of biochemistry, with a formulated range of treatments and products designed to educate the skin to perform like youthful healthy skin.

By matching formulations with the body’s chemistry, the skin is encouraged to respond in a positive manner.


Case Study

Enzyme Therapy is a professional treatment that helps remove dead skin cells, flush fresh blood and nutrients throughout the skin network and improve lymphatic drainage to detoxify the skin.

Amanda’s skin was prepared for 2 weeks before she started her treatments.

She used a basic kit which included cleanser, hydrator, moisturizer and sunblock.

She had 4 treatments of Enzyme Therapy.

What our clients are saying...

"First time i visited Diamond Medi Spa i felt comfortable with Ana and the other therapists straight away, and it takes me a while to feel comfortable, Finally a Medi Spa that knows what they're doing. The whole process was Amazing and every step was explained to me in a in-depth Skin Consultation. So we started on how my skin is at the moment, and what Ingredients it needs, and how it will benefit my skin. It's like having a Personal Trainer for my Skin.

The therapist also showed me Before & After photos. After our consultation i was blown away form how much i have learnt, and i can also see how frustrated i was because i had No idea what my skin needed. I knew straight away i was in the right place and i never looked back."

DMK Enzyme Therapy Package

Enzyme Therapy is non invasive, and will improve the function of the skin. This is a results driven treatment that plumps the skin so it is fresh and glowing.

In your package you will receive 4 x 90 mins (1 1/2 hour) sessions of Enzyme Therapy:

  • 1st Session – Level 1 Enzyme with Lymphatic Drainage.
  • 2nd Session – Level 2 Enzyme & Exfoliant 1 (Peel)
  • 3rd Session – Level 2 Enzyme & Exfoliant 2 (Peel)
  • 4th Session – Level 3 Enzyme & Exfoliant 1 (Peel)


  • 1 DMK Skin Kit with a Cleanser, Hydrater, Moisturizer & Sun Block (last 4 to 6 weeks)!

Not sure if our Enzyme Therapy Package is right for you?

Book a complimentary Skin Consultation with one of our expert therapists and allow us to create the perfect customised treatment plan especially for you, maximising results and making it easy – we are awesome at doing that!

Just like a personal trainer at the gym gives you guidance and improves your results – consider us your personal skin trainer to improve your skin tone and minimise fine lines and wrinkles.

Call us at the salon today and ask for Ana or Mel on 08 8384 1599 so we can get busy customising your personal plan.


DMK products are transdermal, which means that the products penetrate in to the voids of the skin where ingredients can be stored. The body can then uptake these ingredients naturally through slow release. The objective is to get the skin working properly not just superficially.

Results vary depending on the condition of the skin.

Most people see immediate results but to see major results you need a few treatments and every skin is different.

Mainly Botanical based Ingredients.

You’re average facial and cosmetic products will commonly only work topically (on the surface) on the skin, where paramedical treatments work to revise the functioning of the skin. If you think of the skin as Factory-working to slow (ageing) or to fast (acne) we assess the underlying issues with the aim of encouraging the factory to work as its best at all levels.