Bio Sculpt Facial

Time Varies by Skin Region

What is Bio Sculpt?

Medically proven by MRI scans to breakdown the fat and cellulite on problem areas on the face and body. It uses your lymphatic system to unblock and drain excess fluid to sculpt your body.

Bio Sculpt is a lymphatic drainage facial that will improve circulation, reduce puffiness, improve skin tone, plump and hydrate.

Bio Sculpting is mainly done for slimming, tightening, fat-burning, and muscle-building purposes.

Here at Diamond Medi Spa, we use this professional device for customers who are after the latest and most effective non-invasive bio sculpting and contouring. Using advanced Sculpt technology, you can both build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

The electromagnetic body sculpting pulses cause intense muscle contractions and force the muscle tissue to activate, resulting in muscular growth while lipolysis burns fat.