Rapid Results Treatment Menu

Diamond Medi-Spa offers a range of facial treatments that will give you rapid results.

Calm and Hydrate

30 Mins

A custom Facial designed to treat sensitive, thirsty Skin. Using a French Clay Mask which is full of Vitamins & Minerals to Calm, Soothe & Repair the skin, leaving your skin refreshed & balanced.

Smooth and Detox

30 Mins

Enriched with botanicals, including activated coconut charcoal to
draw out the impurities & toxins. It will leave your skin Smoother
and more Radiant.

Oxy Glow

30 Mins

The skin is renewed as we gently remove the top layers from the surface with our Enzyme Peel, making way for a fresh, smooth new skin to shine through. We finish the treatment with an Amazing Oxygen Infusion to intensely Hydrate and Freshen the skin, leaving a Natural Radiant and Glow.